Sarah  |  Mar 31, 2011  |  At Riverdog

Nice work TATY and LIZ!!!

We always appreciate a shout out from our clients, and this one was especially great!

"A big thank-you to Riverdog, and most importantly Taty and Liz! Please note that in this picture, Merci is in a DOWN, STAY AND TETHERED!!! Ok, honestly it didn't last long, the cat came in to tease her, the 3 year old threw a tantrum and the 8 year old wouldn't stop calling her over to him. But...she still managed to be down, in a stay long enough for me to take this shot! We have learned a lot. I must's hard work, but so worth it and I was really impressed with both Taty and Liz. Merci and I are taking a month off of Riverdog (but NOT our homework) and will look forward to returning in May for OUTDOOR EXCURSION!"

Jen & Merci S.

Merci's accomplishments so far: Puppy 101, Puppy 102, Beyond Basic 102 AND a 'Down-Stay' with distractions!
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